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Consumer Survey Fact Sheet showed that 77% of massage consumers
number one reason for receiving a massage was medical or injury related.”

Enhance Your Massage with these Complimentary Therapies

Cupping Therapy

Cupping yields amazing results for serious complaints requiring deep tissue or clinical massage. It's safe, comfortable, and highly effective for many health conditions. Because pressure can be adjusted and its non-invasive, cupping is suitable for most clients.

Cupping is the application of suction to the body creating a negative pressure:

  • releases rigid soft tissue and joint stiffness

  • drains stagnant blood, lymph, and toxins

  • enhances relaxation and nervous system 

  • brings fresh blood flow to stagnant areas

Helps relieve symptoms from a wide variety of conditions:

  • Head/Neck/Face (sinus, headache, TMJ, whiplash, bells palsy, facial paralysis)

  • Shoulders/Arms (frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel symptoms)

  • Legs/Feet (shin splints, plantar fasciitis, foot drop, cramps, IT Band problems)

  • Spine related symptoms (SI joint pain, spinal stenosis, spondylosis, scoliosis, nerve root compression)

  • Pre- and Post-Surgery (scar tissue)

  • Sports Injuries and Prevention of Sports Injuries

A variety of cup styles and sizes are chosen based on the application and what's best for the client.

beth cup marks_edited.jpg

Cupping reveals tissue damage on the shoulder caused by the seat belt from a car accident.

Myofascial decompression with
silicone cups.

Gua Sha (Scraping)

Gua Sha involves using a range of tools to efficiently locate and treat soft tissue dysfunction. We use stone, stainless, titanium or ceramic tools to "scrape" the superficial tissues to help alleviate: 

  • Limited range of motion 

  • Pain

  • Motor control issues (muscle activation/coordination) 

  • Muscle recruitment issues 

Helps relieve symptoms from a wide variety of conditions:

  • Head/Neck/Face (headache, TMJ, whiplash)

  • Shoulders/Arms (frozen shoulder, tendinosis, rotator cuff injuries)

  • Legs/Feet (shin splints, plantar fasciitis)

  • Post-Surgery (scar tissue)

  • Sports Injuries

Benefits of this technique include improvements in range of motion, strength, and pain perception following treatment. Gua Sha may cause a person to experience the development of small spots on their skin. These spots are referred to as petechiae and they are not considered harmful.


Gua Sha "scraping" using a ceramic tool.

lori gua sha marks.jpg

"Petechiae" marks from Gua Sha scraping.

Kinesiology Taping

RockTape® lifts skin away from underlying muscles and nerve endings to provide relief from pain. This unique lifting action also improves blood flow to muscles, which can help delay fatigue.

  • Pain Relief

  • Reduced Swelling and Inflammation

  • Accelerated Recovery from Bruises and Contusions

  • Prevents and/or Relieves Muscle Spasms and Cramping

  • Supports Injured Muscles and Joints without Restricting Range of Motion

  • Enhances Strength and Muscle Tone in Weak or Poorly-Toned Muscles

  • Faster Recovery of Overused Muscles

Topical Pain Relief

A variety of topicals to help aid in sore muscles and joints. 

  • doTERRA Deep Blue Rub (available for purchase)

  • Rock Sauce® - Fiery Hot / Icy Cold


I use doTerra essential oils for stress management, pain relief, relaxation, and an overall sense of wellness.


Taping for back pain.


Hot Stones (not a full hot stone massage)

Heat helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase circulation.

hot stones.jpg

Heat Packs

Moist heat penetrates deep into the tissue to relax tight muscles and stimulate blood flow. 

hydrocollator pack.jpg
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