Explore planes of movement as we
rehydrate and unwind our tissue.

Fascial Fitness

Fascia is the inter-connective tissue underneath our skin. All your muscles, bones, organs, arteries, veins, and cells LIVE INSIDE this connective tissue. But virtually nobody ever talks about it!

Think of your fascia like a giant 3-D spider web running through your entire body. If you put pressure on one part of the web, it ripples through the whole web. Modern science has proven that fascial restrictions are often the cause of skeletal misalignments. This can cause symptoms of joint pain, headaches, chronic pain and conditions like depression, TMJ, and fibomyalgia. Unfortunately, most forms of exercise, including yoga, neglect the Fascia.  

In this 6-week series, we’re going to discover Undulation, Self Myofascial Release, Jumping, Dance, Unconscious Unwinding and variations on Yin yoga, working DIRECTLY to nourish and hydrate our inter-connective tissue. No prior movement experience or knowledge of the fascia is required. All you need is your body — and awareness.