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Lori was an important part of my integrative team, to restore health to my shoulder, which had a 'massive detachment' of the rotator cuff. I appreciated Lori's ability to work with me prior to surgery, as well as the days and months that followed. She was very familiar with the restorative process of the body as we coordinated care with the surgeon and physical therapist.


Kewaskum, WI

My daughter is a senior in high school and has been a travel softball player for 7 years. She is a pitcher and was hurt a little over a year ago. She had lots of muscular issues in her neck and shoulder, even knots down her forearm from over use. This was the fall of her junior year and entering prime time for being scouted by colleges. She did do physical therapy, but that alone did not strengthen her enough to play. It wasn’t until she started seeing Lori for massage therapy that she made enough progress to loosen up her tense muscles. Lori worked with her regularly at first and explained clearly the issues she found and how she was treating Cassidy. Lori is highly knowledgeable and did wonders for Cassidy. She was able to go back to pitching by spring season! She did see Lori from time to time as she learned what signs to look for when her muscles would get overworked. Cassidy will be signing her college softball scholarship next week! We are so thankful that Lori was able to help and wish we could take her to Indiana with Cas!


Lockport, IL

I’m an avid runner and this past summer I was experiencing a burning sensation from my knee while running. After a doctor’s visit with some tests it was determined that I had a torn medial meniscus. I had arthroscopic surgery a week later. Surgery went well except I walked on it without crutches to fast. My knee swelled up as big as my thigh. I called Lori to see if she could help with my recovery. After seeing Lori once a week for a month I could feel the difference she made by getting my knee area to reduce in swelling and pain. After the first month I went to her every other week for the next month. Her work helped me get back to bowling and sliding on my affected knee and shooting a 750 series with a 299 game my first night back. Today 3 months after surgery I’m pain free all thanks to Lori because of her knowledge and experience in treating patients after surgery.


Menomonee Falls

I started going to Lori last year during football season for weekly massages to help maintain my flexibility and help with the soreness from practices. My legs were very sore and I found out I had shin splints. After a few treatments focusing on my legs, the pain went away. I also injured my shoulder at the end of the season and Lori was able to get it back to normal. I am able to resume my normal workout routine pain free and without restriction.


Student Athlete

I play tennis at school, which sometimes creates pain in my wrist and forearm. After having Lori massage and cup these areas, my pain went away. During tennis season, I get regular massages so I can enjoy playing tennis without pain.


Student Athlete

I sit at a computer most of the day at work, which creates tension in my neck and shoulders and also causes headaches. Since I’ve been getting regular massage and cupping therapy from Lori, I no longer have that tension or recurring headaches. She also gives me self-care tips to do at home between sessions. Lori is very thorough and effective with the therapies she uses. She comes highly recommended from me.



I am not sure if it was from wear and tear or an injury from something that I had done, but I found myself waking every morning with both hands tingling and some of my fingers numb. Often I would wake during the night with both arms and hands asleep. I also had a 'catch' in my neck. Driving a distance meant that I had to rest one arm in my lap until the tingles would be gone and then switch off. No pain, just the sensation of numbness and tingling coming and going. I could live with that but couldn't help but wonder what was going on. Lori, my massage therapist, found some issues in my neck and today I drove two hours and my hands were fine. No numbness or tingling. I am a believer in massage therapy and go regularly. It keeps me flexible!



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